I am Hannah Valentine; a Manchester-based graphic designer and all-round creative, freshly graduated from MSoA. I admire and adore a range of disciplines within design, but mostly layout, identity and image-making. I'm usually pretty happy with a camera in my hand, too. At the moment, I'm dipping my toes in as many freelance ponds as I can, though five days out of seven, you can come have me pour you a sweet pint at The Pilcrow Pub. 

My chunk of the internet began in 2009 as a style blog which led me to creating content for a number of different brands. Flash forward to 2017 and I'm relaunching it as something new; a space where I try to make my love of design and my sometimes-hobby of blogging work harmoniously. Welcome aboard.

You can find me on a whole host of social media outlets; my username is usually @hanvalentine_, or if internet stalking ain't your game and you want to contact me about design or blog related work, you can click here.