Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Dress - River Island (sale) | Bag - Zara | Shoes - Next

Generally speaking, midi dressed ain't my thang. But, having said that, I've worn this dress at least 4 times since I bought it exactly a week ago (gross, I know). I think I might have been converted. I've figured they're kinda perfect for easy dressed - the weather in England's been bat shit cray so any kind of trousers have been a no-no, yet short dresses or playsuits always seem to look kinda overdressed on me. Midi's are my medium. 

Trawled the interwebz for a tonne of black, slouchy kinda ones like this one! Absolute bargain at £15 from River Island. My eye's on this style next.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Top - Topshop | Skirt - AA | Shoes - ARK

I'm so bad at sticking to my word. Blogging went on a backburner again because I've had a hectic couple of weeks. After Barn On The Farm, I got so busy editing and sending off photos, then on the 15th a spontaneous trip to London to see The Courteeners at 100 Club happened (41 hours sleepless and no hotel but so good. And we got chance to visit Camden a week before Amy Winehouse's death anniversary, which was yesterday, so that was kinda special), and I've been working nearly every day for the past three weeks. I literally feel like I've not stopped. I've not even had chance to read any blogs or catch up properly, I'm completely out of it! 

I guess this outfit is pretty basic but it's a new favourite. The skirt is an absolute bargain online now! Hopefully from next week onwards I might have a couple of days off work so I'll try and post when possible then. Feeling like such a bad blogger once again, wondering why I even bother, but that's not the spirit is it?!?

Saturday, 12 July 2014


Last July, I went to a little acoustic/folk festival in Gloucester called Barn on the Farm (if you've been reading the blog since then, you might remember. If not - here is last year's post). This year, I got the chance to attend with a crew/staff wristband as a photographer. Insane. 

So, here are some of my favourite photos from this year. 

The lineup this year included Luke Sital-Singh, Orla Gartland, Saint Raymond, Catfish & The Bottlemen, and Hozier, amongst tonnes of other (mostly) acoustic artists. The photos of Catfish are my faves by far - such an ace band. I've put a little playlist below of some of the musicians there if you're interested! All the photos are on my artwork tumblr, the link to that is below too!

BOTF really is such a lovely little place (and I'm honestly not just saying that!) - it's quite small-scaled so a good starter for any festival newbies, and past years have included musicians such as Ben Howard, Matt Corby, Ed Sheeran and Hudson Taylor. I dunno man, the vibe is just super chilled and friendly and not at all commercialised like the UK festival scene typically can be. Like the name implies, all the acts are held in barns, on Over Farm in Gloucester - it's seriously quite intimate. I'd definitely recommend if you want a <£100 cheap weekend of new music!