Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What I Want | White, silver, perspex & unordinary pastels


Coat | Shirt | Watch | Top | 
Loafers | Shorts | Birkenstocks | Necklace
Bandeau Crop | Sunglasses | Bralet | Dr Martens

5 weeks. A month. 36 days. Art foundation is nearly done with and I'm over-working myself like a mad-lady to get everything done... This could possibly be the first time ever that I can genuinely say that I've spent every single day of the past three weeks of a break doing some form of work. Mad! That said, I still feel like I've got nothing to show so I'm definitely going to be scarce until May 29th at the earliest.

I want to post so many outfits but I just don't have the time until this is done with which SUCKS!

I've made a Depop account, if anyone's interested and am probably going to start using that instead of eBay because it seems 10x easier. My username is hanvalentine (or click here)... There's not a lot on at the moment but once deadlines are done with, I'll update it a tonne more!

Anyhooooow, contrary to everything I said at the beginning, tomorrow I'm going to go shopping and spend money I should really be saving and forget that graphic design is even a thing... And if, by some miracle chance, I come home almost empty handed, that perspex watch will be being snapped up! BEAUT.

Ohhhhhh I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things and change this space up a bit (A LOT). Thank you for sticking by you lovely lot