Friday, 24 April 2015


jacket / x
Top / x
Trousers (only £22!) / x
Shoes / x xx
Bag / x
Lips / x

Long time no outfit, eh? EH!? 

Honest 2 blog - I've been so out of it lately, I've put a good two stones on since starting uni in September because of my dire eating habits and lack of motivation to do anything in our grotty flat. I've lost myself a bit but knowing I only have a few weeks left before we can move into a cute lil house with WHITE WALLS AND WOOD FLOORS(!!) is keeping me going. No more manky green carpet and pistachio walls. Hallelujah.

Part of me has hated being out of it and has missed it like hell, but then part of me has enjoyed it so much to have no commitments to have to post often or whatever. Honestly speaking, I thought so many times about giving this up because of my lack of motivation and how much I've seen other beaut gals exceed expectations and do hella well for themselves whilst I've wallowed in self pity eating Dominos and moaned about everything. But here I am. I'm gon' do it! Exciting things coming uppppppp.

Anyhow, I thought I'd make my re-debut by posting one of my fave outfits at the moment... This is my 'art school' get up and makes me feel like a good design student. Nah, I'm not sure either.

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