Monday, 24 November 2014


I've been meaning to write up this post since September - I'm 100% the worst blogger in the land! You've probably noticed in a few past outfits, cuffs have been adorning my arms. I kinda got a bit too into them over summer and after being offered a piece of jewellery from House Of Fraser I thought I'd do a post about lil' collection.

This, the newest addition, has definitely become my favourite alongside the red stone one from Shop Dixi, and there's a tonne of fancy wrist-wear here if you want to have a nosey at a whole range of stuff. Honestly, HOF isn't somewhere I'd have thought to look for jewellery but I really was pleasantly surprised with how much they do and how reasonable their prices are!

This cuff's quite a bright silver, whereas the other three are duller which makes it a better piece to dress up. Typically, I'll wear it with a tailored boyfriend style jacket I recently bought as I think they work together pretty well. 

I definitely prefers cuffs and bangles with adjustable backs so they can be worn wherever and aren't stuck in one part of your arm all the time - it does sound kinda daft but how many times have we all worn a bracelet that just doesn't fit and slides straight off? Get ma pointtttt!? I like that this one works well either at the top of my arm or, as a bracelet, whereas the others only really look good nearer my wrist.

I think my next cuff is definitely gonna have to be gold - I don't wear a lot of gold jewellery so when an outfit looks better with it, I never have anything to put with. 

Top - bottom : Unknown / Shop Dixi / H&M

You in the cuff club?

Friday, 21 November 2014


Wow. It's been almost three months since I last posted an unscheduled blog post and I feel so awful about it... University is taking over my life!!!

This morning was my hand-in date for the assessments of my first project of the year - I've worked my butt off and been a slave to the sketchbook for the past month and a half, and when I'm not up til 2am working, I'm sleeping or enjoying being a student and having that ever-so-tempting 0% overdraft.

Buuuut, my deadline having been and gone means that I have a couple of weeks (almost) off to catch up on sleep and everything else I've neglected since moving out. Honestly, I've not read a single blog post for probably about a month and a half - I'm so behind on everything and have turned into the laziest person in the world, which I hate so much. I've easily put on a stone (not over-exaggerating even slightly!!) from the temptation of McDonalds being a couple'a minutes walk away and my discovery of chocolate croissants from Tesco's fresh baked section.

Font, Home Sweet Home & Lucky Buddha beer... Maybe a post about my favourite spots in Manchester?

But, I wanna change it and get back into a routine whilst I have time to myself for a little while. Honestly, over the past few months, maybe even the past few year, I've on-off felt like giving this entire thing up. I've mentioned it before but sometimes it feels so disheartening to see that other people who have been blogging for shorter amounts of time and do so much better and achieve more than I have in five years. Not in a "ugh-they-get-more-freebies" or "they-have-more-followers" kinda way, but more of an opportunities kinda sense of things. This along with my dingy uni room and lack of motivation to do anything other than lie in bed in my spare time has been making me wonder why I bother with this but then I realise, off the back of it, I've had some mint experiences and spoken to some really lovely girls who never fail to inspire through their blogs or Instagrams on a daily basis. And then that makes me just want to better myself.

What I've been wearing recently... Promise I have shoes other than silver loafers.

So here we go. A weekend of planning ahead and catching up (and in the long run losing the weight I've piled on)! I'm not promising anything major and there's not gonna be any kind of schedule to when I post - I can only really take outfit photos when I'm at home because it's so dull in this flat and I've not quite got the confidence to have someone else take all my photos for me, but I'll do my best. I want to start posting some of my uni work on here too - I'm not sure if people are at all interested in that (if anyone is still even gonna read my blog after this ridiculous absense!?) but it might be cool to have stuff other than mainly outfits on here. I kinda want to turn this into a diary of places I go, things I do etc as well as a back-catalogue of outfits I wear. Whatcha thinkkkk?

All the photos are from the past few weeks on my Instagram @HanValentine_ - I'm posting on there pretty regularly so be sure to follow me for outfit/adventure snaps!

Friday, 19 September 2014


Bralet - Missguided | Trousers - Topshop (a while ago - similar below!) | Shoes - ARK | Necklace - eBay 

I've genuinely been meaning to have a post up of these trousers but kept completely forgetting. They're ace. I've had them pretty much since the start of the year, and to say they're so loud and a statement pair, I've worn them a faiiiiir bit. Can't wait to dress these up properly on nights out.