Wednesday, 10 June 2015


(and overcoming my irrational fear of high-end beauty counters... yes, that's a thing)

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Mont Blanc | Han Valentine

I ain't no beauty guru but trust me when I say this is a gem of a foundation. The scenario was: for about two years, I'd been going through tens of different drugstore products, but each one either looked too cakey or too dark for my skin (pale girl problems!) meaning if I had no fake tan on I'd have to meticulously blend everything for about three hours each time I left the house.

I'd been eyeing up a few higher end foundations online and on a number of occasions very nearly guessed my shades and ordered online. Dick move as I'd have chosen the complete wrong colour, but it's so much easier than the dread of going to a MAC counter because, believe you me, fear of high-end makeup counters is a THING. I get so inexplicably and irrationably nervous when going to buy non drugstore makeup, so much so that I usually spend all of three minutes awkwardly staring at everything and then quietly/quickly shuffle back up the escalator the second someone working there has offered their help.
Please tell me I ain't alone in this! 

Anyway, my desperation for new foundation over took and I shocked myself and bought an actual NARS foundation, matched to my actual shade, by an actual NARS girl, at an actual NARS counter. Can you believe it. It was all a bit of a whirlwind. I'm totally dramatising this, hahaha.

I'd originally wanted Sheer Glow, but they didn't have my shade (Mont Blanc), so I kinda panic bought the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and I'm a verrrrrrry happy bunny. It's got quite a mixed bag of reviews, bit of a marmite product, but I honestly love it. I know enough about makeup to know that NARS foundations are said to be best applied with the hands but I'm a brush girl through and through. I've used it with the Real Techniques Expert Face brush and with cheapo brushes I got off eBay and it's like a dream for me. Enough coverage to hide pretty much anything, but not cakey or thick. The shade is my exact skin tone and a little definitely goes a long way. They claim a pump will suffice for your entire face, but I tend to use about two or three. As the name suggests, it's quite dewy which I quite like... I tend to matte it down a bit with powder but throughout the day it looks less 'done' and a lot more natural and glowy.
Moral of the story - makeup counters aren't all that scary (I'm getting there now, I even bought some stuff from MAC the other day for the first time in years) and foundation is definitely worth the investment. I think this going to be my go-to/repurchase for years!

Have you tried it? What ya think?

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